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Artist Statement

The physical action of painting is a way to excavate my subconscious. With no specific concept of what I want to paint, I move forward and see what develops, allowing myself to be moved more by feeling than thought. Further on in the process, I consider the direction a painting should pursue. Using acrylics, charcoal, house paint, paper, spray paint and other media, I approach the canvas, painting, layering and scratching the surface. It’s a cathartic experience for me. Nature in all its forms and compassion for people and animals are always under the surface. Being obsessed with the mid-century Abstract Expressionist’s stories and styles of painting has served as a catalyst to my art practice. I have been passionate about combining their ethos with my own ever since.

I am always grateful when my work resonates with a viewer.

Los Angeles based painter Jennifer Del Barrio has been experimenting with abstract painting for approximately 15 years.


Following a long career in fashion modeling and commercial acting, she discovered the passion and freedom of creating art.


Originally inspired by the New York School painters’ freedom of expression, she decided to pursue a formal classroom setting and attended LACC with a focus on art. These studies expanded her interests of art history, drawing and sculpture, all of which influenced her painting.


Concurrently, she completed a Post War Abstract Painting certification with MOMA developing a deeper understanding of the era’s techniques. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Studio Arts.


Some of her works have been shown in a solo show on ARTSY by Dab Art Gallery, The San Diego Museum of Art’s Artist Guild Spring 2021 Exhibition, the Dunham Gallery, Florida and the Doncaster Art Fair, U.K..

Received Best New Artist at the Beverly Hills Art Show Spring 2022.

Ronald H.Silverman Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca.


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